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Upon Reflection: Then and Now

Songs of the Unseen Mother

Songs of the Unseen Mother. Diptych Oil Painting. Lyon's Ferry. 1991. 33" x 72"

“Songs of the Unseen Mother” and “Upon Reflection” are two paintings of the same location separated by 21 years. In February 2012 my husband Kev and I revisited Lyon’s Ferry in southeast Washington State. Kev searched for the exact vantage point of my 1991 painting while I sat, knitted and reflected on the landscape, the time that had passed, and how the place was at once different and yet the same. Off in the distance I heard car doors slamming. Then, there were two women, four kids and six dogs running to the water. I watched them from far away… and thought about then and now.

Upon Reflection

Upon Reflection. Oil Painting. Lyon's Ferry. 2012. 36" x 52"

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